Fiction Thai – A Book Review

Fiction Thai Writing is an innovative literary genre of imaginative non-factual creative writing which involves creative non-fiction writing on Thai History, Culture & Thai Mythology in an imaginative style. The main idea of this writing is to write either a write-up or an advertisement for a particular company but rather to tell a spontaneous story that would make the readers sit up and take notice. It is also known as a storytelling novel. Fiction Thai Writing can be broadly categorized into four sub-genres namely Historical Romance, Fantasy, Mystery andhetania. The writer needs to keep in mind that the setting and time period should match with the theme of the story. This genre of writing is comparatively new and many writers are yet to explore it fully.

Writing a fiction thai story is not a cakewalk. For starters, you need to have a suitable idea or plot to spark off the story. Then, you have to find an experienced ghost writer who is proficient in writing short stories and novels. An effective storyboard is essential to give shape to your story idea and also to ensure that the plot twists do not go against the main theme. Storyboard is an important element of novel writing.

A fiction thai novel usually follows a normal pattern. However, the basic idea or plot of the novel may vary from story to story. In some cases the story follows the usual Thai ritual or tradition whereas in other cases it may be completely different. A successful novel writer needs to work out his story using the character as a starting point. Once the character is developed, the writer should work out the various events and scenes within the novel.

The Jasmine Nights, by Khun Deguan, is a historical fiction thai novel written in the first person point of view. The story follows the life of a young woman, Jom, after her marriage to King Rama III. The story takes place at the time when Jom falls for the new king, Crown Prince Suthat. Once Suthat finds out that Jom has been seeing someone else, he sends for Jom’s sister, Arief, to return to Bangkok to finish her marriage with him.

In this fiction novel, many lives are changed literally overnight. This includes the story of Jom, who for a time can barely accept that her husband has another wife. Arief comes to help Jom through her marital turmoil. Crown Prince Suthat wants to abdicate his throne and so begins a reign of ironical rule.

This novel presents an interesting scenario, which is also true of many other Thai novels. But it is not just a sad part of Thailand’s history. The novel offers a positive view of Thailand and Jom and her people as well. Crown Prince Suthat did step down from the throne but Thailand is better off because of his example.

In addition to being entertaining, some of the characters in this thai fiction novel such as Arief are interesting. They are all well drawn and well developed. However the story and the way in which it is told is sometimes a little disjointed. Overall, however, this is a fast paced and well told story about the beautiful Jom and her people in their journey across Thailand.

Reading this novel reminded me of the Thai literary works that I have enjoyed the most – such as The Princes’channered Man, The Adventures of Tricycle Master, and The Paper Thieves. All are different but they all have a strong theme of family and fantasy. It is a great story about overcoming obstacles and using the strengths of a people to forge on towards a better tomorrow. Crown Prince Suthat is replaced by his son Crown Prince Narong in order to continue the rule of Thais after the passing of their father. However, this does not ease the problems that the Thai nation faces. From the Buddhist monks to the lowborn people who are forced to live in the palace while everyone else is starving, Crown Prince Narong also falls victim to the whims of heaven, hell, and the forces of evil.